Buckeye Iron Will Club, Inc.
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2017 Important Dates:

August 20: General Membership Meeting - 5 p.m. at Richland County Fairgrounds

September 8-10: 20th Annual Tractor & Gas Engine Show - Richland County Fairgrounds

September 17: General Membership Meeting - 5 p.m. at Richland County Fairgrounds
2017 Schedule of Events
Friday 9/8/17
12 Noon - Gates Open
12 Noon - Noon Whistle
1 p.m. - Flag Ceremony
5 p.m. - Tractor Pull Weigh-in
6 p.m. - Tractor Pull
Saturday 9/9/17
8 a.m. - Gates Open
11 a.m. - Pie & Goodie Auction
12 Noon - Noon Whistle
1 p.m. - Truck Pull Weigh-in
2 p.m. - Truck Pull
Sunday 9/10/17
8 a.m. - Gates Open
9 a.m. - Garden Tractor Pull
11 a.m. - Tractor Games
12 Noon - Noon Whistle
1 p.m. Kiddie Tractor Pull
3 p.m. - Tractor Parade
2017 Show Information

Dates: September 8-10, 2017
Location: Richland County Fairgrounds - 750 North Home Road, Mansfield, OH
Directions: from I-71, take exit 176 for US 30 W towards Mansfield, get off at the Trimble Rd exit and turn right onto N Trimble Rd, turn left at first intersection onto W Longview Ave, finally turn right onto N Home Road and Fairgrounds is on the right.  
Featuring: Ohio Built, Homemade and Oddball tractors, equipment and engines, Buckeye Wheelhorse Collectors Club; and Richland County Steam Threshers 
Weekend Events Include: Live Entertainment - Arts & Crafts - Flea Market - Antique Tractors & Hit-N-Miss Engines - Vintage Garden Tractors - Kiddy Tractor Pull - Antique Tractor Pull - Gas & Diesel Truck Pull - Garden Tractor Pull - Tractor Games - BIWC Pie and Goodie Auction - Antique & Classic Cars and Trucks

For More Information Contact:
    General Info: Barry Naugle l (419) 961-1980
    General Info: Bill Gardner (419) 347-3981
    Flea Market: Fran Hartz l (419) 347-8315
    Tractor Pull: Barry Naugle l (419) 961-1980
    Gas & Diesel Truck Pull: Barry Naugle l (419) 961-1980
    Tractors and Displays: Bill Gardner l (419) 347-3981
    Steam Threshers: Paul Ward l (419) 884-3324
    Vintage Garden Tractors: Derek Rehberg l (419) 565-1996

Ohio Farm Bureau
Friday, September 8th at 1:30 p.m. - Technology in Agriculture: Farm Bureau Demonstration
Whether you are a farmer, a history buff, technology junkie or just an interested consumer, you are invited to come out for the afternoon. You can see historic tractors and steam threshers and then catch up on today's techniques for growing America's food.

Combining technology and real-time experience, a farmer can raise better crops while improving the land and water on their farm. A drone demonstration provided by Tom Cooke, farmer and long-time drone enthusiast will begin at 1:30. 

Saturday, September 9th at 8 a.m. - Farm Bureau Farm Safety Session "What Is? this happened on your farm?
The 2 hour-long session presented by Ben Kin with Nationwide Agribusiness and Shelby Fire Department personnel will address the "What If? of daily farm tasks. Would you know what to do or how to help if the unthinkable happened? 

Club Safety Rules
Friday, September 8 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. there will be a demonstration on trending technology in agriculture at the Buckeye Iron Will Club's 20th Annual Tractor & Gas Engine Show. 

Saturday, September 9 at 8 a.m. there will be a farm accident and safety seminar. Members enrolled with their Worker's Compensation group may use this to fulfill their annual safety requirements.
  • Any stationary, running display or operating equipment must be displayed in a roped-off or otherwise protected area. The club will make every effort to supply needed rope and stakes. Where practical, two strands of rope must be used with the upper strand at approximately 36 inches above ground level and the lower strand at approximately 18 inches above ground level to protect our younger spectators.
  • When positioning engines for display, take care to point unmuffled exhausts in a safe direction away from spectators, small children and other exhibitors.
  • All engines must be attended by an adult when operating. Unattended engines may be shut down by the Board of Directors.
  • Children under the age of 16 may operate small stationary engines only with the supervision of an adult. Children must be 16 years old or older to operate a tractor without an adult.
  • All equipment must be shut down and no smoking will be allowed during refueling.
  • Minimize driving and equipment movement in display and spectator areas.
  • Report potential hazards to Club Directors.
  • No alcoholic beverages permitted on grounds.
  • Put litter in proper containers.
  • The operating of jet or jet turbine engines are prohibited.
  • Any type of engine or equipment that is not secured to a frame or stand that makes it suitable for operation is prohibited.
  • Only rubber wheeled equipment can be driven on the blacktop. All equipment with metal tracks or cleats must be kept on the grass for loading, unloading and display.
  • Any Club Director can shut down any unsafe display.
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